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How does it work?

Tattoos are large open wounds and are extremely stressful on your skin. To fight this your body produces blood and plasma to heal the skin. When the tattoo is left uncovered this is messy and eventually forms an irritating scab which can take weeks to fully heal. 

Saniderm provides and extra layer, almost like a second skin, to your body. This means that all that plasma and blood is trapped so your body can use it to heal your skin. Saniderm bandages are also breathable and allow the skin to get all the oxygen it needs to heal properly. Because your skin heals quicker there is less time for the body to expel the ink from the tattoo. 

The result of this is a vibrant, colorful tattoo that heals in less time. Don't take our word for it though, see what our customers have to say below and then try if for yourself! 

What Our Customers Say

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